Sunday, April 6, 2014



Hermon Hutchens Elementary School is a K-5 school in Valdez, Alaska.  I am the technology teacher for all students kindergarten through fifth grade.  Students attend computer lab classes as a forty-five minute pullout twice a week.  Our community is made up of locals including some native population, families of professionals who have transferred to Valdez, and Coast Guard families.  I plan to mentor a 5th grade teacher through the process of using Google Apps with her students.


Our 5th grade students have been using gaggle email and gaggle Zoho docs.  We found that there were issues for students being able to use the gaggle docs and save them without losing part or all of their work. For this reason, our district curriculum director facilitated getting Google docs tied to student gaggle emails. This creates a two step process for students to utilized Google Drive.  We plan to use Google Apps with students to scaffold the process of play writing.  We attended a Google Summit to become more proficient with Google Apps.

Day 1 - Intense Google Apps Training
Day 2 - Creating Tools to Use for Playwriting with 5th Graders

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