Monday, April 7, 2014

The Journey - Day 2

Google Apps Used to Share and Collaborate

Documents were created to share with students through a google site on a Play Development page.

Students Accessed Google Assignments

Students made copies of the "Short Play Plot Outline" and completed and shared notes with their teachers in one 45 minute session.  All of the students in the class were able to edit the document although there were some connectivity issues.  Students were patient and worked through the problems.  One student suggested that the background picture should be deleted to see if the drawing would work more smoothly.  There was a palpable excitement in the room once students fully realized that their assignments could be edited even after they had shared them and that they could be worked on after leaving the computer lab. Below is a sample of a student's first draft of the short play outline.


Students opening a Google Drawing and Making Copies

Students Were Excited

Students were excited to share their work and were looking forward to collaborating with their teachers and each other.  The general classroom atmosphere was also exciting as students discussed with the classroom/homeroom teacher how they would complete their outlines and share their ideas.  

Students gained valuable work time using Google Apps. One of my missions has been to cut down on paper printing in the building, especially when students are still in the revision stage of assignments.  Students saved paper and time.  The process of writing and then sharing was instantaneous! The next step will be synchronous editing with the classroom teacher who is also anticipating the power of real time feedback and revision. At one point in time I experienced the same excitement as my students (and Catlin Tucker) as a student's cursor jumped to a spot where I had just left a comment!


  1. I will show this to my after school play writing group. Some of them are fifth graders. They can be the experts for the third graders.

  2. That sounds great, let me know if you want help.