Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Journey - Day 4 -> Day 10

4/21/2014 Thirteen more plays were submitted today!

Students Rehearse

Students performed a reader's theater practice with short plays during their language arts class.  Guidance and feedback were given by the language arts teacher.  Other students were at their desks finishing writing their short plays using the Google documents that had been created by the teacher.  Students who had been absent were able to get assistance from their peers during this time which freed up the teacher to rehearse with small groups.  (That's what I call a "Win-Win" for everybody.)

The last comment I heard today from the language arts teacher was that she could just stay home with her new puppy and collaborate on Google Apps from there.

Students Began to Submit Their Original Plays via a Google Form

Responses to Google forms gather in a spreadsheet. Here’s how to see them and know when forms are submitted.  Open the Form Responses in your DRIVE to view completed forms.  If you want to know when forms are submitted:
Open the Form Responses in your DRIVE and choose Tools > Notification Rules:

Choose notification rules & set to notify you daily when a user submits a form. SAVE & DONE

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